Double Paralympian Rik Waddon visits St Benedict’s School

Paralympian medal winner, Rik Waddon visited the PE Department of St Benedict’s School last week, spending the day with a group of students from Year 9.

The visit was organised as part of Sky Sport’s Living for Sport scheme, and involved a mix of class room activities and practical activities.

The scheme is a free initiative for secondary schools throughout the UK and involves various Athlete Mentors visiting schools and working with the students to develop valuable life skills.

The day consisted of various activities which worked on communication skills and team work, including building the tallest newspaper tower, and a hula hoop competition – who could get their team through the hula hoop in the quickest time.

Faye Murray, PE Teacher at St Benedict’s organised the visit:

“Rik was an inspiration to the girls and taught them to aim high and achieve their sporting goals.”

Rik is part of the Paralympic cycling team, and won silver medals in both the Beijing Games in 2008, and the London Olympics in 2012 as part of the team sprint track cycling event.

“Working on the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme allows me to hopefully inspire students to apply themselves in the right way in order to achieve whatever they want to do in their lives. Not only can it be sport related, but what we as athlete mentors deliver can cross over into any aspect of a young person’s life, so the way they approach different situations, for example studying for exams, running a leadership programme or even small things like looking at the way they present themselves when it comes to meeting new people.”

Rik will be returning to the school again at the end of March, to work with a different group of students as part of the same scheme.

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