Dignity of the Human Person theme for General RE Day

Sixth Formers have recently been involved one of their first General RE Days of the school year.

This most recent General RE Day had the theme, ‘Dignity of the Human Person’. The various workshops throughout the day looked at different aspects of human rights and our rights and responsibilities.

It was designed to get the students to look at what our rights are, but also to look at the situations that people find themselves in around the world, and what our response should be.

The themes for these RE days come from suggestions by the students in their feedback to us and also what fits with the Curriculum Directory as put forward by the Bishop’s Conference.

As well as the various workshops in the morning, the students also watched a documentary in the afternoon following Reggie Yates spending a week in a refugee camp.

The day then finished with a liturgy and time of prayer again in the Sixth Form Centre. As part of this the students responded to what they saw in the documentary and wrote letters of hope to Syria.

Our School Chaplain, Mr Teasdale, is then going to give these letters to a Syrian Bishop who is currently visiting England and he will take them back to give to people in Syria:

“It’s amazing to see the messages that our Sixth Form students have written to be sent to Syrian families. They’ve shown so much love and compassion, it really is inspiring.”

Mr Nevitt, Subject Leader for RE was very pleased with the success of the day:

“The feedback from the students has been extremely positive. One aspect of the day that particularly touched students and staff alike, was the excellent documentary by Reggie Yates on the day to day life of Syrian refugees.”

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