We are now a Word Gap Partner School

St Benedict’s is proud to be a Word Gap Partner School in association with Oxford University Press. We’re committed to closing the word gap and improving children’s vocabulary and wider life chances.

Assistant Head, Tessa Bishop said:

“I’m really excited that St Benedict’s has become a Closing the Word Gap partner school. I believe that language opens doors. It unlocks the world of reading and the imagination, the excitement of writing, the capacity to explore new subjects and releases our potential to learn and grow as an individual.”

“In schools, it underpins progress, impacts on attainment, affects self-esteem and plays a huge role in a child’s future life chances. It is important, as a school that we do as much as we can to allow our children to access a wide range of vocabulary, through fiction and non-fiction books, subject specific vocabulary and strategies that children can use to unpick unfamiliar words.”

“This partnership will develop our links with other schools, up and down the country, sharing ideas about ways to allow all our students to fulfil their potential.”

To find out more about the word gap, visit oxford.ly/wordgap.

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