Christmas fundraisers in aid of the Cumbria Rungwe Link

The staff team have created their very own version of “Merry Christmas, Everyone” to raise money for Cumbria Rungwe Link.

We’ll be showing the premiere of the video in the Sixth Form on Friday 15th December at lunctime for you to watch.

Suggested donation will be £1 per person & includes a sweet treat as well as the opportunity to see St. Benedict’s Catholic High School Staff in a whole new light.

100% of the proceeds will be going towards the construction of a school classroom in Tanzania.

This production will not be going online – Only pay-per-view!

Julia Lee, of CRCL and teacher at St Benedict’s, said: “We’re showing it on Friday at lunchtime and students are paying £1 to come along and watch the teachers as they’ve never seen them before. Most of the school staff have got involved, from the fabulous canteen and support staff to each teaching department.”

“The Tanzanian Group were in school during the summer running “Taste of Tanzania” sessions with Years 7 and 8, and gave assemblies to the whole school, so the students are really supportive of the charity. ”

As well as this event, there are other fundraising events over the Christmas period.

On Saturday, members of The Link will carol sing outside the British Heart Foundation furniture shop on King Street from 11am until 12pm, and 1pm until 2pm.

The Link will be holding a Christmas Cafe at St Bees Village Hall on Sunday 17th December from 10am until 3pm. There will be soup, pies, cake and drinks on offer.

A litter pick will be taking place next Wednesday on St Bees beach front from 10am until 4pm.

The Council have let the team borrow litter pickers and have arranged to collect the extra bags of rubbish. While half the group will collect rubbish, the other members will collect donations along the sea front and door-to-door.

Mrs Lee said: “We’re keen to be working in the community and promote CRCL as a charity that really involves everyone. After all, we are a community link. We want to be a community link all year round; not just during the three weeks of the inward visit when we host our guests from Rungwe.”

Mrs Lee said the money will go towards funding projects in the Rungwe District of Tanzania.

“These are often school-based projects. Our current BT donate page has more details here on what money can buy what in Tanzania. We’re also doing our own New Year’s Eve dip,” said Mrs Lee.

To donate, go to:

Mrs Lee added: “In a region where the average monthly salary is £26, the money we raise makes a real difference.”

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