Chemistry Students Enjoy Hands on Experience with NNL

Year 12 Chemistry students have recently welcomed representatives from National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) to their lessons as part of their MEET-CINCH project.

This particular project is about producing teaching material suitable for an AS/A Level Chemistry classrooms to make college students aware of the careers available in Nuclear Chemistry and to encourage them to pursue Chemistry at a higher level.

Mrs Kirkup, Science Teacher at St Benedict’s said:

“The students enjoyed the morning as it gave them an insight into how chemists can be involved in the nuclear industry. The two guests are chemists themselves who work in the nuclear industry and talked with the students about their projects.”

“The students were also able to control real nuclear experiments remotely, one in Oslo and another in Hanover.”

The MEET-CINCH project is an EU-funded project in which a consortium of European universities and companies have come together to produce teaching material on nuclear chemistry, e.g. radiation chemistry, medical isotopes, waste management, etc.

The project came about due to the concern in decline of people moving into the nuclear industry and the growing skills gap. The consortium wants to make educational tools available to the public, graduates and early career people to make them aware of the opportunities in the industry and provide training material – mainly using online teaching platforms.

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