Changes to School Bus Service

We have been advised by Stagecoach of some changes to bus services from September 2019.

Changes to school services 33A, 33C & 33E

From the start of the new term in September 2019 Stagecoach are making some changes to their Whitehaven school services 33A, 33C & 33E.

The current school services will be replaced by new 33 and 33C. 

The new timetable is below:

Service Number 33 33
Whitehaven, Pelican 0753 Whitehaven Academy 1510
Bransty, The Crescent 0755 Mirehouse Shops 1519
Whitehaven, Duke Street 0801 Meadow Road, Uldale Rd 1523
Meadow Road, Uldale Rd 0809 Whitehaven, Strand Street 1531
Mirehouse Shops 0814 Bransty, The Crescent 1537
St Benedict’s School 0822 Whitehaven, Pelican 1539
Whitehaven Academy 0825
Service Number 33C 33C
Greenbank 0752 Whitehaven Academy 1510
Kells, Haig Pit 0801 Mirehouse Shops 1519
Corkickle 0809 Corkickle 1523
Mirehouse Shops 0814 Kells, Haig Pit 1531
Whitehaven Academy 0822 Woodhouse 1537
St Benedict’s School 0825 Greenbank 1540

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