Celebrations for GCSE Results

Students have returned to school today to collect their GCSE results.

St. Benedict’s staff and students are pleased by the results this year.

Acting Headteacher Steve Bridgman said:

“I would like to pay tribute to the results our students have achieved.  I am pleased with the results our students have achieved this year as their efforts have been commendable.  I should also like to recognise the hard work all the staff put in to help and support our students.”

 “Cumbrian schools are proud to serve our children, their families and the communities they come from. This year there are more changes to the grading system, grade boundaries and performance measures. With these changes in mind we are making sure that collectively and individually we have accurate data to share with the media, the public and other stakeholders who are as keen as we are to celebrate the successes of our children and to congratulate all of our school staff.”

“As always there are a number of queries over re-marks and grade boundaries and so, once the official DfE September checking exercise has been completed we will issue our headline data. For now, it is essential we focus on the real stars of today; the students.”

 “Our students, the children of our wonderful county and schools are also more than the sum of their grades and so today we want to celebrate the individuals who have shone for all sorts of reasons.”

Notable results were achieved by many including:

Anna Woolaghan, Leo Reed, Yzabella Renton , Aaron Eldon, Macy Rogerson and Jessica Taylor who all gained a number of top grades in their GCSEs.

Anna Woolaghan celebrating her wonderful results

Anna is going to study Philosophy & Ethics, Maths and Performing Arts at Sixth Form. Said she was overwhelmed but pleased with how she had done.

Aaron Eldon celebrating his results
Leo Reed was happy with his results
Yzabella Renton was pleased with her results.
Macy Rogerson celebrating with her Mam. She said: “I’m absolutely chuffed.” She is going to study Biology, Chemistry and Maths at Sixth Form.
Darcy Kiddie & Willow Warneford who both gained an 8 in Maths, celebrating with Miss Hunter

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