Activities to try at home

Our staff have put together an extensive list of various activities and resources for you to use at home.

Please note that these are to supplement, rather than replace, work set by school. They are not compulsory or expected in any way.

All students should seek permission from parents before using any of these links. St Benedict’s School is not responsible for the content of the external providers listed here.

All year groups

A list of resources from the Department for Education. These include primary and secondary resources as well as resources for SEND and mental health and wellbeing:

Free stories from Amazon:

Henrietta Branford Writing Competition:

Learn a language for free for 3 months:

British Sign Language (BSL) are offering their 20 hour BSL course for £3 to under 18s:

NASA at Home

Natural History Museum

English Heritage have tours and quizzes

Join the Bletchley Park Code breakers

Earth Day 2020

Do Virtual Tours at:
The Great wall of China:
Machu Picchu
The Acropolis
The Globe Theatre
The British Museum
Buckingham Palace
Houses of Parliament
The Louvre Paris

Watch weekly plays at the Globe

Follow this on Instagram….. lionsandsgamereserve. Go on a virtual safari.

It takes you to Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa. Guides are doing the safari drives themselves and filming the animals, providing lots of information on food chains, adaptations etc as well as a commentary along with the filming.

Radio Garden
Radio Garden lets you listen to music from all over the word. Just click and drag a 3D globe and zoom in on local radio stations to listen to radio from anywhere in the world, from Radio Greenland to Kathmandu’s Hits FM!

From 20 April, BBC Bitesize Daily, is delivering a tailored day of learning across BBC iPlayer, Red Button, BBC Bitesize website and app, BBC Four and BBC Sounds, with curriculum relevant offers across the UK for all year groups:

Year 7-9
Borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library using your device with Borrow Box and Meet Libby:

Reading and literacy competitions:

Experiments to do at home:

BBC Star Gazing Live Activity Pack:

Year 10 -13
Massive open online courses (Moocs). For Year 12&13. In partnership with Future Learn:

Guided research project identifying stellar objects by spectroscopy:

Speakers for Schools
Recent research from Speakers for Schools and Education and Employers reiterated the importance of hosting external speakers to help prepare young people for their futures, 93% of state school teachers surveyed said that hosting an external speaker helped to broaden students’ aspirations about potential jobs and 80% of state school teachers surveyed said that talks encourage pupils to believe in their skills and abilities. See the schedule of upcoming virtual talks you can attend or look in the video library to see previous talks that you may be interested in watching:

Open Learn courses are free to study. There are 1000 courses across 8 different subjects. These are good for improving your wider subject knowledge for A Level and undergraduate courses:

We hope that you find this information useful.

Stay safe and well.

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