Year 10

Welcome to the beginning of your KS4 journey – Year 10. As you embark on your GCSE’s you will begin to notice a big change from KS3, the expectations and work load will be much greater.


Students will be expected to set a good example to the younger members of our school. You have had the opportunity to select some of the subjects that you wish to study for the next two years.


Making sure that you keep on top of the work set by your teachers and getting yourselves organised with time management will need to be a key priority. At the end of year 10 you will have the opportunity to take part in a one week work experience placement. A successful Year 10 will be crucial to ensure a positive outcome at GCSE and your future education and work prospects.


The Year 10 Tutor Team

Head of Year – Mrs Hannan 

Learning Mentor – Miss Tinkler


10 Bernadette – Mr Humphries/ Mrs Needham

10 Francis – M Kerr 

10 John – Mr Williamson 

10 Josephine – Mr Stephenson

10 Joseph – Mr Habberjam

10 Kolbe – Mrs Bell

10 Lucy – Mrs Jahromi 

10 Teresa – Mrs Leightell 


Year 10 Latest News