Due to COVID-19 our Canteen is currently only serving food at lunchtimes. Lunchtimes are now staggered, and the students will eat in their year group. 





If you have any dietary requirements or queries about any of our menus, please contact our Catering Manager, Mrs S Hull on 01946 692275.
Below are our Menu’s for the first term of 2020/21 school year. Please check boards in the canteen for up to date information.



Menus 2020/2021



Week 1 



Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Soup of the Day
Lentil Sweet Potato & Chilli Mushroom Cauliflower Tomato
Main Meals

Hot Dog £1.77

Chicken Fajita £2.01 Cottage Pie £1.77 Savoury Mince & Yorkshire Pudding £1.89 Pizza £1.77
Chilli & Rice £2.50 Meatballs in Gravy £1.77 Chilli Chicken & Noddles £2.50 Chicken Stir Fry £1.77 Battered Fish £1.89
Vegetarian Choice (V)
3 Pepper Frittata £1.77 Quorn Chilli £2.50 Broccoli Bake £1.77 Quorn Fajita £2.01 Fish Finger in a Bun £1.77
Chef’s Selection of Potato & Vegetables (V)


Week 2 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Soup of the Day
Tomato & Vegetable  Chicken & Leek  Minestrone Scotch Broth Lentil
Main Meals
Pasta Bolognaise £2.50 Lasagne £1.77 Chicken Pie £1.77 Roast Pork £1.89 Battered Fish £1.80
Sweet 7 Sour Pork & Rice £2.50 Chicken & Lentil Curry £2.50 Beef Burger £1.77 Chicken Korma & Rice £2.50 Cheese Flan £1.77
Vegetarian Choice (V)
Cheese & BEan Burrito £2.01 Vegetable Fritata £1.77 Tomato & Basil Bake £1.77 Vegetable Frittata £!.70 Quorn Sausage in Onion Gravy £1.77 
Chef’s Selection of Potato & Vegetables (V)


Week 3 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Soup of the Day
Lentil Mushroom Celery Vegetable Broth Spicy Parsnip
Main Meals
Chicken Burger £1.77 Italian Sausage Pasta £1.77 Beef Cobbler £1.77 Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding £1.89 Cheese & Onion Pasy £1.77
Lamb Balti & Rice £2.50 Shepherds Pie £1.77 Chicken Lasagne £1.77 Chicken Casserole £1.77 Battered Fish £1.89
Vegetarian Choice (V)
Quorn Bolognese £2.50 Vegetable Korma & Rice £2.50 Quorn Fajita £2.01 Vegetable Stir Fry £1.70 Cheese & Bean Whip £1.77 
Chef’s Selection of Potato & Vegetables (V)


Week 4 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Soup of the Day
Chunky Vegetable Soup Leek & Potato Lentil Cauliflower & Celery Mushroom
Main Meals
Chicken Curry & Rice £2.50 Minced Beef Pie £1.77 Chicken & Broccoli Bake £1.77 Roast Turkey £1.89 Battered Fish £1.80
Sausage Roll £1.77 Pork Chow Mein £1.77 Monced Beef Hot Pot £1.77 Irish Stew £1.77 Pizza £1.77
Vegetarian Choice (V)
Vegetable Chow Mein £1.77 Vegetable Burger £1.77 Cheese Flan £1.77 Salmon Pasta Bake £1.77  Fishcake in a Bun £1.77
Chef’s Selection of Potato & Vegetables (V)


Tariff (2020 – 2021)


Snack Attack From
Hot Baguette £2.08
Regular Sandwich £1.56
Premium Sandwich £1.87
Egg Mayonaise £1.04
Wraps £1.97
Soup in a Bowl £0.64/0.98


Healthy Choice From
Fresh Fruit 39p
Yoghurts from 88p
Desert Pots from 55p
Fruit Pots (small) 56p
Jelly (small) 56p


Specials From
Meal Deals £2.40
Main Meals from £1.73
Vegetarian Meals from £1.73
Roast Meals £1.85
Fish of the Day £1.85


Breakfast Specials From
Bacon Bap (small) 94p
Sausage Bap (small) 94p
Toast 34p
Toasted Teacakes (half) 56p
Cheese & Bean Muffin 75p
Half Bagels 57p
Crumpets 52p
Crumpets with Cheese 62p


Extras From
Jacket Potato 82p
Creamed Potato (x2) 84p
Boiled Potato 84p
Pasta King £2.40
Chips £1.07
Vegetables 36p
Rice/Pasta 85p
Crusty Roll & Butter 56p
Flora Portion 10p
Sauces 5p


Healthy Choices From
Pasta Salads from £2.23
Boxed Salads from £1.56
Fruit Pots Small 56p
Jacket Potato 82p
Jacket Potato with one filling £1.59
Protein Pots 77p
Hot Baguettes £2.08


Drinks Station From
Milk 52p
Fruit Juice Carton 36p
Large Water 87p
Capri Sun 87p
Flavoured Water 87p
Mooies 87p
Small Water 46p



Sweet Delight From
Tray Bakes 89p
Scones (1/2) 52p
Muffins 89p
Hot Pudding 89p
Custard 39p