School Ethos

At St Benedict’s School we provide a safe and caring environment where each student can develop their self-esteem and grow into ‘educated’ young people in the fullest sense of the word.  We believe that through their experiences in our school community we help students to understand the moral, social and spiritual demands of the society in which they live.  We help them to understand that in striving to be the best they can be, they will benefit not only themselves, but the future communities in which they may live.


By placing the values of the Gospel, the Catholic faith and a Christian ethos at the heart of all our interactions with each other in our school community, we believe that we give an additional dimension to the education of our students; by embracing the development of skills, culture, positive attitudes to learning and good citizenship in the context of Christian faith, we reflect the view of the Catholic Church that the education of the whole person is paramount.


We believe firmly in giving our students a voice in our school community.  Teachers and other adults in our school encourage students to express their views in positive and constructive ways; we listen to and respect their opinions and act upon them, empowering students to take pride in being actively involved in their school community and in aspiring to excellence in all that they do.


We place a strong emphasis upon recognising and celebrating students’ successes; whether it is academic achievement or vocational and practical achievement, inside the school community or in the wider community, all have their place in our vision of an education which will produce well rounded individuals ready to fulfil their potential in the future.


Our School Vision


The purpose of our school is to respond to the needs of each individual child; touching the heart and developing the whole personality by fostering qualities of mind, body and spirit, feeling and imagining in a supportive Catholic community.

Pope Francis encourages us to, “Go light a fire in the heart of the world…..and to see each child as a gift to be welcomed, cherished and protected.” Pope Francis also reminds us of the need to promote in our students, open minds, critical ability, and a spirit which seeks answers to the challenges modern society sets before us all. We seek therefore, to secure high academic achievement and excellence for all.
Jean Vanier summarises our aspirations for our students: “When a child is loved, seen as precious, listened to, touched with reverence, it is at peace. It opens up without fear.”


Our School Mission

At St Benedict’s we seek to show excellence in purpose, listening, doing, and belonging through our approach to the 5 W’s (Welcome, Welfare, Witness, Word, Worship).


Our School Motto

A Sense of Faith


Our School Prayer

Dear Lord, thank you for our sense of faith,
Your presence here will keep us safe.
Thank you Lord, for bringing us here,
We know with you we shall not fear.
Help us to discover our purpose, our way,
Show us where we belong this day.
Help us to open our hearts to you,
Guide us in all we say and do.
Send your peace into this place,
Let family and friends receive your grace.
Send your love, your hope, your light,
That we will always know what’s right.
Your presence here will keep us safe,
Thank you Lord for our sense of faith.
St Benedict, Pray for us.