Mission Statement

At St Benedict’s we seek to demonstrate excellence in our purpose, doing, belonging and listening.

Motto – A Sense Of Faith

In our school we show excellence in purpose by providing all the members of our community with opportunities to take up the search for the true significance and purpose of life. We will encourage all to reach beyond the limitations of present experience, knowledge or imaginings. We will include providing the opportunity to explore the great questions in life.  As a community, we can help our pupils consider these questions in the light of Catholic Christian beliefs in order to come to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith in which ‘the high calling and deep miseries which people experience find their final explanation’.


We show excellence in doing by creating opportunities for the service of others in the school, the local community and world beyond, encouraging social awareness, the care for people and our world as part of building God’s Kingdom of justice, peace and love. Opportunities will be provided that allow all the chance to take suitable responsibilities within the school and to have a voice in the running and evaluating of certain aspects of the life of the school. In this way they become active agents in their own education.


In our school we show excellence in listening by embracing the opportunities for time and space for reflection, for quiet, for prayer and for spiritual development. Through liturgical and extra-liturgical celebrations, the display and use of symbols and other rituals, reflective away-days and retreats.


We instil a firm sense of belonging by provide a welcoming environment in which pupils, parents and staff will experience a sense of community, recognition and acceptance; a genuine experience of Church. We will create a sense of community in which Christian values are not only taught but also experienced in the lives of the pupils in our school. Whilst not everyone in the school, pupils and staff, will be of the same community of faith, we will share in and feel responsible for the school community which is inspired and challenged by the Christian faith enshrined in Gospel values.