Chaplaincy is an important aspect of our pastoral provision in school. In short, the overall work of Chaplaincy in our school falls within four key areas: prayer and worship within the school, spiritual leadership throughout the school, pastoral care for students and teachers, and social justice.  We have regular Chaplains: our school Chaplain, and priest Chaplain, Fr John-Mark who is assistant priest at St Mary’s Cleator. We are also support by St Begh’s Parish Priests, Fr Cenydd and Fr Richard.

Our full time Chaplain can be contacted via e-mail:

Chaplaincy is an essential element in the faith and pastoral mission of our Catholic schools.’
Rt Rev. Patrick O’Donoghue, emeritus Bishop of Lancaster.

Sharing this vision, our Chaplaincy team seek to be the presence of Jesus Christ and his Church at the very heart of the life and mission of our school. Chaplaincy has a unique role among the students; chaplaincy isn’t just a job in the school, it is a journey. It is about learning from others, staff learning from students and students learning from staff. Chaplaincy can be developed within many areas of St Benedict’s School. It is perhaps ideally viewed as a bridge across the school, inspiring and enriching our ‘sense of faith‘.

Each Friday at 12:30pm, one of our local priests celebrates mass in the Chapel, all students and staff are welcome to the mass and volunteers are always needed.

“Provision for the students spiritual, social, moral and cultural development is OUTSTANDING”