Computing & ICT

Computing and ICT is a fast moving area that encompasses a diverse range of skills in different sectors.  The aim of the Computing/ICT department is to build students’ knowledge so that they can become creators and originators as well as confident IT users.

At Key Stage 3 students will cover a range of topics that build an understanding of how computer systems work, how information is stored and processed in a computer system and how to develop solutions to problems, using a variety of different software.

At Key Stage 4, students can take a GCSE Computing course, which involves learning to write programs to solve problems.  They will gain a thorough working knowledge including how computers store and process data within RAM and the CPU, how to create algorithms to solve problems and how computers can connect to each other across networks.  Alternatively, students can follow a GCSE in ICT, which allows students to focus their skills and learning on how information is used within computer systems to produce effective outcomes for organisations.

At Key Stage 5, students can take an A Level in Computer Science or an A Level in ICT.  Both academic courses provide clear synergy with the course options at Key Stage 4.

Success in Computing and ICT courses can lead to a career in industry as a user or creator of technology.

Department Head – Mr C Redhead