7 Kolbe – Mrs Woodcock & Mrs Wainwright

Hi, I’m Mrs Wainwright and I teach maths at St Benedict’s.

What’s your favourite part of being a Year 7 tutor?

My favourite part of being a year 7 tutor is helping new starters settle in


What makes you happy?

 It makes me happy and proud when my tutees are praised for being polite and helpful around school.


Advice for your new tutor group:

Don’t panic about starting at St Benedict’s, your teachers will be friendly and you will find your way around quickly. 


Hi! I am Mrs Woodcock and I am really looking forward to meeting you all in September. I am lucky in that I have already heard lots of exciting things about you all from your primary school teachers. They have told me all about the drama, dance and sporting clubs you attend, the musical instruments some of you play, how creative and scientific some of you are, even how much some of you like Maths!!!

I teach PE at St Benedict’s therefore I love all sports as well as trying to keep as fit and healthy as I possibly can, although I have to admit I do also enjoying lying on the sofa watching TV and eating all the things I shouldn’t!

What’s your favourite part of being a Year 7 tutor?

Meeting you! I think 7 Kolbe is going to be amazing. So much so that Mrs Wainwright and I wanted to share the joy of being you tutor.

What makes you happy?

I love being a year 7 tutor, it is a special time in your education making the transition from primary school to secondary and it makes me happy seeing you grow, develop and mature in that first year.

Advice for your new tutor group:

The best advice I can give you for September is,

-Be organised

-Be prepared

-Be willing

If you can tick off those three simple things then you and I will get on brilliantly!

Have a lovely summer holiday, be kind to your family and friends and we will see you bright and early on that first day.