Latest news on Campus Whitehaven April 2016

April 2016 developments:

Recently, a lot of work has been undertaken to understand the needs of the school in terms of the number of classrooms and specialist teaching areas needed to fulfil the curriculum – this is known as a ‘Schedule of Accommodation’ – and the sports, dining, and other functions. This work is nearly complete and so far has involved the staff but students and parents will be invited to join the next stage after Easter.

The process of appointing a design and build contractor includes a tender exercise – open to bids throughout Europe however, and it is an important ‘however’, the governors are absolutely committed to ensuring the maximum local economic benefit for Copeland and for Whitehaven. Part of the project includes our ambition to create as many opportunities for local people to be employed on the project, and for local suppliers and other contractors to be involved. This is important to us as many parents and relatives of the students in the school live and work locally and £33m is a massive investment in our area – our community should benefit.

In terms of actually designing the new school we are committed to consulting with you, as parents and students, neighbours, local industry, and others. We will be able to begin the process after the Easter holiday. Please keep checking here for further details and key dates for meetings and opportunities to comment on this exciting project. In the meantime, may we remind you that there is a dedicated e mail address for you to contact us if you have any queries about the project. It is

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